About Us

Darshan collection is a brand unique in its own way. The clothes designed by us are subtle, calm, empowering as well as bold, confident and passionate. Our designs say all of these things.

The right attire makes a huge difference in one’s personality. Believing this, we always bring variations in our designs, colour and patterns. Whether it’s casual wear, summer wear or winter wear we have them all.

We cover all the age groups and gender. Do you want a cute dress for your children? We have them. Ladies looking for sexy chic clothes that reflect your innocence? Yes, we are the perfect choice for you. Men who want to look stylish and comfortable at the same time. We got them too.

Fashion is one thing in the world that keeps on changing all the time. Keeping that in mind, we manufacture clothes that are fashionable and on the latest trend. Our clothes are comfortable, stylish and fit everyone in different shapes and sizes. We manufacture clothes that are suited for both summer and winter. Mostly we use wool, cotton, hemp, silk to manufacture clothes.

For winter seasons we have woollen sweaters, woollen jackets, knitted jackets.

These items are entirely handwoven, so you don’t have to be worried about its quality. We also offer woollen gloves, soft mufflers, woollen caps, neck warmers. These items have different colours, variations and style. Oh Yes! We never go out of style.

For summer seasons we manufacture cotton clothes.

Summer wear includes cotton shirts, cotton t-shirts, cotton jackets, cotton pants, half pants, dresses etc.

Turquoise Blue striped Grandad Shirt
Shyama Patchwork Straight Trouser

For summer seasons we manufacture cotton clothes. Summer wear includes cotton shirts, cotton t-shirts, cotton skirts, cotton pants, half pants, dresses etc. We also manufacture clothes made from the combination of cotton and hemp. It is really durable.

Our items are manufactured in Nepal; all the raw materials are sourced locally. You might know that Nepal is a country rich in tradition and culture. You can find our culture represented uniquely in our clothes. The patterns in our clothes are the symbols which have very high importance in Nepal. The O.M., Ganesha symbols printed in our clothes signify the devotion people have towards God. These are very sacred symbols. All the embroidered patterns are handmade. These patterns have been made with the utmost care and precision. In one way we can say that these embroidery patterns reflect the calm, serenity and beauty of Nepal. Our clothes also consist of a great deal of patchwork. Since patchwork is intricate, consistency in colour, symbols and patch placement is hard to achieve. But this cannot be considered as a defect. It is a reflection of unique originality.

The Darshan collection manufactures all the items in Nepal. Still, items are dispatched from the U.K.

So come on! Gear up and surf our site. You are sure to find something you will fall in love with. If you do, don’t forget to order!